Every dream begins with a desire for something that has not yet become a reality.  Our dream was to elevate the art of gift-giving by creating luxurious products made with pure and natural ingredients, wrapped in understated, yet elegant packaging, and offered with “just the right message” for the occasion. 

ApothePure celebrates every opportunity to bring a moment of joy with a meaningful gift and message; from a simple gesture of gratitude, to a genuine cause for indulgence.  If you love to make people smile, join us in living the dream!


We believe it’s important to let your light shine! Philanthropy is at the heart of everything we do. Our guiding light is to actively find ways to use our company, our money and our voice to help those with the greatest needs.

With this in mind, we’ve created the Giving Candle.  We are most enthusiastic to partner with other luxury brands and retailers to donate a portion of our proceeds towards local and national initiatives where we can make a difference together. If you see a cobranded ApothePure Giving Candle, you’ll know that 5% of our profit is going towards a mutually chosen non-profit. Together we can make a “bigger” difference!

We value education and work with local communities to raise money for schools. Children are our future and it seems only appropriate to use our candles to help make their future bright.

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• Our wax is a vegan soy blend that has been optimized to offer a refined, clean, nontoxic burn.

• Our wicks are made from cotton.

• Our fragrances are made with fine essential oils and natural extracts.

• Our packaging is made in the United States; including our glass and signature boxes.

• Our candles are poured in California.

Intentionally simple and quietly elegant, impeccably crafted to become a household staple blending into every décor offering timeless fragrances for the sweetest memories and most desired hopes.


ApothePure candles have a generous amount of premium fragrance oils that my cause discoloration. This does not affect the candles bouquet or lifespan.

For optimal burn time, always burn candles long enough for wax to melt and pool to the edge of the glass. For an exceptionally clean burn, trim wick to ¼ inch prior to every burn and make sure no debris is in the wax.


Fragrance has the power to evoke memories and emotions. It can take you back to a happy time or be instrumental in creating a desired feeling or ambiance. Fragrance can be effortlessly exhilarating or completely relaxing. Whatever the desired outcome, our goal is to create fragrances that are undeniably delightful.

A peek into our fragrance lab will reveal unique and unexpected combinations of essential oils and natural extracts with the single goal of offering a distinct collection that has a fragrance assortment with something extraordinary for everyone.

Fragrance is described in a musical metaphor as having three notes, making the harmonious chord of the scent. The notes unfold over time, with the immediate impression of the top notes leading to the deeper middle notes, and the base notes gradually appearing as the final stage. Equally important is how fragrance evolves and changes with heat.

Great care is taken in the development of each fragrance resulting in exquisite scents that are fabulous alone or paired together.

Let us de.light you!