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Cuddle Candle - Just Sayin

For My Honey

I Am Me Because Of You.

I'm Crushing On You In A Big Way!

I'm So Gay That We're Both Gay!

I'm Putting You On My To-Do List!

Let's Make Sparks Fly!!!

Light My Fire! Seriously…

Mood Lighting

Something Hot For My Hottie!

There's No One I'd Rather Ride Shotgun With

Something To Keep You Warm While We're Apart.

Let's Play Hooky!

You Are Enough

You Are My Drug Of Choice.

You Are My Everything.

You Are My Happy Place.

You Are My Kryptonite.

You Are Some Kind of Wonderful!

You Are The Reason.

You Had Me At - 'I Have A Dog.'

You Had Me At- 'I Love Cats.'

You Make My Heart Skip A Beat

Let's Rekindle Our Flame.